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Neanderthal Burrito Economics

Written by Dru Johnston.
Starring Mike Antonucci.
From Bellevue’s January Show

This is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Please watch.

I don’t know everything Dru has written… but this is definitely the best ever.

well this is great

This is now my second favorite live sketch of all time (after Brett White’s sketch about Batman hanging out with Commissioner Gordon, which also stars Antonucci). Holy shit so fucking funny. Dru and Antonucci just NAIL it. Love this so much.

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    So good…Mike kills it.
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    I’m crying this is so funny.
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    I lost it when he tried to put the burrito in the shitty paper.
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    I don’t always reblog, but when I do, it’s usually about burritos.
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    Jesus fuck this is so funny!!
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    I have seen this sketch performed maybe 20 times and my god it is still so funny