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???? who r u people?
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Look a poster! The Fascinator is this Saturday, August 11 at 7 pm at the UCB East Village Theatre! Featuring a totally incredible panel: Brett White (Matt & Brett Love Comics, UCB’s Maude Night, Sitting 3 feet away from me right now), Jackie Jennings (The Improvised Play, UCB’s Harold Night), Nicole Byer (Doppelganger, UCB’s Harold Night), and Josh Ruben (CollegeHumor, Most Web Comedy Videos)!

This one is going to be extra fun. I can guarantee this will be the most fun you will have learning on August 11 at 7 PM in New York City’s East Village. And DEFINITELY stick around for Pat Baer’s love letter to the internet… show, 404int It!

Poster by Dyna Moe, ham fisted addition of people’s headshots by me and MS Paint.